Moving truck in Toronto
Moving Truck in Toronto

The Vehicle for a Successful Move

Carefree Moving believes that one of the keys to a successful relocation is the truck. We make sure that all belongings fit and that everything is safely and reliably transported to the new location. Our vehicles are clean and spacious and only operated by trustworthy, professional drivers who will treat the clients' personal property with respect from pick-up to drop-off.

Fully Equipped

Our fleet of standard-equipped 26-foot trucks can fit up to 5 rooms equaling 192 square feet of floor space and up to 1,700 cubic feet of loading space. Each truck is loaded with a standard set of boxes, blankets, shrink wrap roll, packing tape, furniture pads, wheel dollies, hand trucks, assembly tools, and ropes to assist with the move.


All Carefree Moving trucks are well-maintained and regularly inspected for optimum mechanical performance. They are thoroughly cleaned after each move and lashing straps are checked for operational integrity.

Insured and Bonded

The company is fully insured and bonded to provide the best protection against mishap and peace of mind for clients. There is no need for additional coverage for the majority of belongings, but upgraded indemnity insurance is recommended for valuable jewelry or antique furniture.

Operated by Professionals

All Carefree Moving drivers are fully vetted and have a minimum of five years of professional truck driving experience. This ensures that transport from our clients' home or office to the new location is carried out with precision and expertise.